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Recently out of the blue, this happened to my throttle cable. When I give it full slack, it pushes out of the little wrap around slot. Then when I pull the throttle, it gets kinda stuck on the metal and slaps back into position. When you play with it enought it just screws it and falls out.

Attached is a picture, and the next post is another

It's like the cable is suddenly too long or something. I've messed with the little thing that screws into the elbow which goes into the carb, that didn't change it.


Re: Puch Handlebar

Is something broken in here?


Re: Puch Handlebar

In your first pick; it looks like the cable is fraying, (broken Strands). These will cause it to hang up. You need a new cable or a repair to that one.

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See Ya Moped Army /

I really hate those throttle assys. If you can, I would replace it with the type that uses the little throttle slide and set screw. This way you don't have to purchase the more expensive (and harder to find) throttle cables with the little cable stops on each end.

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