the plastic screw cap for my 79 puch maxi broke apart and fell into the gearbox but I can't loosen the screws on the side of the gearbox to open it up without stripping them. any suggestions?

Re: gearbox

You may have to use a Impact wrench. It is a tool that you place the proper size Phillips bit in the end place it on the screw and wack it with a hammer. It has a mechanism that when you hit it with a hammer it turns with greater pressure, more than your wrist can apply. Once loose you can back the screws out normally.

It is possible that the plastic is deteriorated and small enough That you can drain most of it out with the fluid. You may be able to run it and the gears will grind it up, then drain it. The only thing that would possibly be a concern for damage in the tranny is the bearing but if you drain it hot, fill it , get it hot, drain it again, you should get most of it out.

Sure, the best way is to open it up but if you do not have the tools and the seals are not leaking, you may just want to drain the fluild a couple of times afer running.

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