Need help with 82 honda

I have a 1982 Honda Urban Express. I can't get it to run anymore. The battery is pretty low but will it still start with a bad battery? If that is not the problem im thinking maybe its not getting spark Maybe the spark plug or cap/wire. Anyone have and suggestions on how to get this rig back on the road?

Re: Need help with 82 honda

I couldent find how to edit a message. I also want to know how to charge the battery? I cant find a place to connect the charger.

Re: Need help with 82 honda

I apologise for replying to my own post twice but I have another question How do you test to see if your getting spark?

Re: Need help with 82 honda

Hi Ryan,

I just went through this last week, here's a link to a GREAT guide put together by Jax184, helped me alot.

But in the meantime, to test for spark, unscrew the plug from the cylinder. put it back into the cable, and place the exposed metal tip against the cylinder (just next to the hole you took it out of) Then put your keys in, swith to run, and kickstart, you should see a spark.

As for the battery question, I asked the same thing, NO you don't need a functioning battery to start, but you should have one in even if it's dead, to avoid burning out your headlight.

If you find out how to charge it, let me know!

Guide to Express repair (LONG) - by Jax184

Re: Need help with 82 honda

Just to let everyone know I got the beast to start today it took some sweat but finally got her running so anwsers to my questions are no longer needed and yes I posted every message in my own thread in a 24 hour period and solved my own problem with thought and action..

Re: Need help with 82 honda

Jonas Quimby /

If your probems started from storing the bike through the winter I'd suggest giving your carburator a good cleaning.

The Express line tends to run very poorly with the slightest carb grime. The later years arnt so bad, but you may still have problems.

Re: Need help with 82 honda

Also, when you ride the bike... it will charge the bateery right?? It did it on my yamaha qt50.... so dont bother chargeing it... just ride the hell outa it and charge the battery! lol

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