Horn won't work with lights on

I'm working with a 1977 Peugeot 103.The bike runs like new.All lights headlight ,tailight and brake light all work fine.The horn works when the lights are turned off.When I turn the lights on the horn won't work.I have swapped out five different light switches.I bought a horn button at walmart and it works..with the lights off. I even grounded the horn and switched over and fed the horn button with the 6volt hot wire and it worked until I turned the lights on. The horn won't work with the lights on ....any suggestions?.Any help is greatly appreciated...PEUGEOT1

Re: Horn won't work with lights on

put a volt meter on the horn contacts and see if it gets power while the lights are on.. If so, wiring is probably ok but not enough power is available to operate everything at once.

Why not enough power is available would be another question..

Re: Horn won't work with lights on

The horn may be partially shorted,taking too much juice. Replace the horn if this is the case, because it's normal on some bikes for the headlight to DIM a little when the horn is applied.

Re: Horn won't work with lights on

simple fix just dont use your horn when your lights are on

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