'80 Puch clutch trouble

i just bought my first ped. 1980 puch maxi-luxe. it starts and runs fine but i think the clutch is messed up. if i pull clutch lever when the engine is running it vibrates alot. also, when i'm going down a hill and i start moving faster than the engine can, it feels like the wheel is driving the engine faster than it can go. kinda like a jake brake. is this normal?



Re: '80 Puch clutch trouble

i dont think that's what you'd normally call a clutch.. it's a "starting lever". Once the engine starts, it has no useful function and engaging it while the engine is running is likely not a good thing to be doing..

Whatever you feel while slowing by engine compression might be normal or it might not.. certainly the bike, in gear, is capable of moving faster than the engine's top rpm under power.. But it depends on what speed you are talking about. A bike's top speed on level ground is close to the (safe) top speed down hills. Beyond that speed, even with wide open throttle, limits on the engines capability to pump air in and out comes into it. So, the wheels will turn the engine.

One thing to remember is that if you are flying down a hill and you close the throttle, no fuel and no lubricating oil is getting into the engine.. No oil down a steep hill while the engine is forced to be turning near it's top RPM is a bad thing. So, instead of slowing the bike just by engine compression, use the brakes too.

Grab the Puch manuals here

Re: '80 Puch clutch trouble

yeah grabbing the starting lever will start to kill the bike

Re: '80 Puch clutch trouble

i was looking at the manuals and it sounds like the clutch only engages when the engine is turning at a certain rpm. if the bike was going down a hill and the throttle was cut back (decreasing the rpm) wouldn't the clutch disegage and allow the ped just to coast? ??

Re: '80 Puch clutch trouble

dude... that's not a clutch... you shouldn't engage it when the engine is runnin... you gotta let go of it quick when the engine fires up! It'll stop you motor dead in its tracks..

The downhill thing is normal... its the engine and tranny slowing down the ped a bit... it's still engaged after all :P

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