Tranmission Slipped?

So i was riding today, stopped at a light .. idled a bit, then i heard a CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK when i tried to take off then all i did was rev the engine up reall high, backtire didnt move ..

at first, i thought it was the chain .. checked the chain, not the problem the back tire still moves from the chain moving, but not when i go to throttle it. .. now im thinkin its the trans because ive had the clunkin noise before but I just ignored it .. (big mistake, broke down far away from home)

any ideas on how to troubleshoot it? how can I check to see if the trans did slip, or put it back in place?

thanks to all in advance

Re: Tranmission Slipped?

Jeff Strahle /

what engine and what bike? if it is a Tomos A-3 engine a peice of the clutch may have broken off and stripped the gears. it happened to me at the beginning of this year.

Re: Tranmission Slipped?

oh crap im sorry i forgot to mention the bike .. durr..

its a 1999 tomos targa lx

see what i dont want to do is take it to a dealer and pay through the nose to get it fixed, maybe i can do it myself, or someone at moped army that lives by me can give me a hand..

and by readin what you said about the clutch breakin off, that kinda sounds like it, but then again i dont know for sure

Re: Tranmission Slipped?

and oh yeah, my brake light in stuck on, and its not my breaks cause i completely disconnected them, but when this current problem happened to my bike, it was flickerin kinda

Re: Tranmission Slipped?

Jeff Strahle /

hmm. i've never heard of the A-35 clutch tips breaking but i guess its possible. if you don't want to pay to get it fixed your going to have to drain your tranny fluid, and then open up your transmission and do some investigation on yourself.

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