rusty puch tank

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whats the best way to cure a small amount of rust inside of the gas tank on my '78 Puch Maxi? i was thinking some where along the lines of watered down muratic acid, but this may be too harmful. iron out? i have no idea. if anyone has fixed this on thiers please give my some advice, thanks.

Re: rusty puch tank

type in "rusty gas tank" under the "search" part of the page, its been covered many times already.

i have a 78 maxi as well, and there are a few ways of cleaning the tank, but i left mine rusty on the inside and it runs fine.

its not the best for the engine, all i do is clean the carb every now and then.

i know i dont see my self pickign up the moped and shaking it around with a chain or something in it


Re: rusty puch tank

Yeah, muriatic acid works well actually. There is a great product on the market for cleaning and lining gas tanks called Kreem. I used it in my maxi and works really well. It takes time though, to do a good job up to a week. Hope this helps man.

Re: rusty puch tank

Patrick Stover /
pat OP

yeah i just stumbled upon kreem, it looks like it would be a great way to go. As far as the time involved, haste makes waste right?

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