Bing leaking fuel around primer button

Jackson Coppernoll /

Puch is leaking fuel. Traced it to the carb. Appears to be comming from the primer button/air screw area. I pushed on the primer and it dumped gas out all over the carb. Is the float stuck or maybe the seal around the primer went bad ?


Re: Bing leaking fuel around primer button

happened to me

open the carb, and clean it...

usually, the float is sticking when this happens...

that't can't be a seal problem because if the float is working properly, gaz stops to enter the gaz before it reaches this position

so the float must be stuck

hope that helps


Re: Bing leaking fuel around primer button

Jason Luther /

if you hold the primer button down, you are holding the float down, so it will overflow. if you notice a little gas around the button after you ride, thats pretty normal. some will seep past. but like gb said, if its just flowing out of there without pressing it down, than your float isnt shutting off the gas.-jason

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