CDI w/ no rev Limiter 00 Beamer

Whats everybodies opinion on CDI's w/ no rev limiter? Will it hurt my engine? Im thinking of putting one in with a .90 jet and open exhaust. Whats everyone's opinion?

Re: CDI w/ no rev Limiter 00 Beamer

Your question seems to say that you dont know what CDI is .. (it's just electronic ignition). My opinion is learn what you're doing and why you're doing it before doing it.

Open exhaust is a loud way to accomplish absolutely nothing except create a slow, cop-calling moped while annoying everyone over 12 years old in your neighborhood.. some of whom vote.. and some who will vote for more anti-noise, anti-moped laws.

Re: CDI w/ no rev Limiter 00 Beamer

Hi Joe!

Aren't there some CDIs with and without rev limiters?

Re: CDI w/ no rev Limiter 00 Beamer

yes there are.. the vast majority are.

i can't see why a rev limiting CDI would be used except to limit speed and power (on a bike) but perhaps someone knows why a switch to no-rev limitation is other than a no-brainer.

It was the second question that prejudiced my response..

Re: CDI w/ no rev Limiter 00 Beamer

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Manufacturers used to restrict speed by putting different size washers in the exhaust to limit speed depending on various states speed limits( 20,25,30 MPH). Now some are using the CDI and some are letting it rip saying they are not cops.Jim.

Re: CDI w/ no rev Limiter 00 Beamer

thanks everybody. To joew, i didnt really mean a wide open exhaust in my original post i meant high performance exhaust. Sorry about that.

Re: CDI w/ no rev Limiter 00 Beamer

got ya.. my mistake.. sorry about jumping to conclusions about it .. noisy bikes is a pet peeve of mine and over the years it has added up to the doom of two-strokes..

they dont understand that the internal shape of a 2-stroke exhaust pipe is what makes power. Instead they think that less backpressure or more noise means more power...

Re: CDI w/ no rev Limiter 00 Beamer

Joew, I've been trying to find a pipe and silencer for my beamer but so far have been able to do so in an affordable fashion. If you see any will you please let me know?

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