00 Beamer wont run wide open

I hope somebody can help me with this. I got my 00 Beamer out of storage the other day and it fired right up. I went for a ride and everything was fine up to 3/4 throttle when it would stumble for a couple seconds before picking up and running on up to the rev limiter. I thought it was bad gas so i pulled the carb for a good cleaning now when the engine is revved, it will run up to full throttle then it slowly dies like it starves for fuel. It doesnt matter how the carb is set, it will die every time. Somebody pls help.

Re: 00 Beamer wont run wide open

everything mechanical and ignition related sounds ok but something about air or fuel intake is messed up..

check for crap in the carb or restricted air intake or loose nuts and bolts.. or air vacuum leaks..

gasoline that sits around for months breaks down and solidifies in the carb and fuel lines and this stuff should be cleaned out... It dont take much creamy goo in the carb's jets and internal passages to mess things up.

Disconnect the fuel line from the carb, drain some gasoline and expect to see a steady thick stream of fuel... otherwise clean the tank, screens, filter, fuel lines, etc..

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