No Spark on Honda Express

I have a 1980 honda express. The engine turns over, the headlight turns on for a short moment while it's turning over, but i can't get a spark from the spark plug. I just bought the sparkplug not too long ago (a week). It was never running so i don't think the sparkplug has been fouled or anything. I have sprayed starting fluid into sparkplug hole and still haven't gotten it to start. I've also spent countless hours with the points and ahve set them numerous times and replaced them twice. Any help would be very appreciated. It's been a long 2 years of not having this thing running.



Re: No Spark on Honda Express

maybe something is grounding the spark..

Exclude the possibility of any fault in the fame's wiring .. Bypass all the harness wiring and kill switch wiring, etc. by connecting the condensor directly to the points but to nothing else.

Re: No Spark on Honda Express

Diego perez /

now.. how would i go about doing this? with wire or do i just unplug everything else?

Re: No Spark on Honda Express

Examine the condenser wire/points connection and it will (most usually) have a connection or splice that will "T" off into the wiring harness and go up to the handle bars.. a wire or wires will trail up to the kill switch and/or igniton switch. These switches ground the condenser/points/ignition to kill spark so the engine wont run..

Eliminate possible faults in switches or bike wiring by bypassing all that stuff. A solitary, direct connection from condenser to points should get spark if ignition components are healthy.

oh yeah.. you wont be the first person to realize your kill switch is actually set to "OFF" position.. i'm sure i wasn't the first either..

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