Express starting procedure


me again, bear with me...

What is the starting procedure for a 81 Express.

Here's what I'm doing

Gas line flowing

Key in ignition - on

On position


nothing happening...

Am I missing something? I've used the throttle, held the breke, different combinations of things...



Re: Express starting procedure

Instead of "kickstarting" push down the lever with your foot three times, then sqeeze the rear wheel brake (the left one) This engages the starting sping (wound up) with the engine turning it over.

Re: Express starting procedure

hi Andy,

I should have elaborated, it's a 1981 express, I believe it dosn't have a starting spring.

As I push down on the lever, the flywheel spins, and there is compression in the engine.


Re: Express starting procedure

if you have compression that way, then it's the right way...

did you use the choke?

or does it have automatic choke...?

if you are using it... and it doesnt start, there must be a problem somewhere else, like a dirty carburetor or timing problems...


Re: Express starting procedure

Leon Swarmer /

Is your headlight coming on when you turn on your key?

Is your batttery fully charged?

are you using a NEW sparkplug?

Is your oil tank full?


Re: Express starting procedure

It has an automatic choke

as far as the timing goes, it's a cdi unit, so theres nothing I can do short of changing it out.

I think I might be having problems getting a spark, I bought new plugs, stuck it in the cable, then held the tip down ont he cylinder (just next to where the plug screws in) and operated the kickstart... no spark...

I printed out all the , "how to get your moped running" posts, and I'll try to peg it off one by one...

Re: Express starting procedure

-No, no head light,

-actually I'm having problems with my battery, as the lead coming out of it broke off. I ordered a new one from a shop near me. - I thought I didnt' need the battery to start the express?

-Oil tank has oil, but not full.

- Brand spanking new plug!! :)

should I give up until I get a new battery?

Re: Express starting procedure

i think it shouldnt make a difference but i dont really know your model, so i can't say that for SURE

best luck to you


Re: Express starting procedure

Leon Swarmer /

You really need the battery and it must be charged..ok??

it should start without the battery, but if it does and you rev it it will burn out your $30.oo headlight.

if you unplug your headlight You might try it, but I'd wait if I were you.

Jax 182 has a great article on fixiing up garage sale expresses. do a search and print that it is great

Leon with 2 expresses.

Re: Express starting procedure

Jonas Quimby /

Unfortunatly it doesnt cover the CDI ignition in depth, and it sounds like you have no spark.

Check again to make sure, but if you dont have spark you dont have an Express.

Re: Express starting procedure

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