no spark

I have a peugeot moped spit fire which has no spark i have checked the spark plug, i suspect its the coil but cannot get hold of one please can you give me any advise.

Re: no spark

Jason Luther /

coils seldom go bad. test it, it should have (i think) 6000-8000 ohms. there could be a million things. start with the simplest ( new spark plug) and work your way up. check the kill switch, make sure all of the wires are connected and arent broken, make sure your grounds are all grounded. make sure the bulbs are all in working order. oh the list goes on and on...-jason

Re: no spark

i had the exact same problem with my 78 puch. like jason said, there are so many things that could cause younot to get spark.

i tested the spark plug wire, and that was good...but i heard that i should replace that wire right away, and thats what i did.

it was a combination of that and checking all the grounds, i got spark.

i suggest you get a new spark plug wire and check all the grounds and test all your wires.

good luck


Re: no spark

Don Pflueger /

coils rarely go bad. if you havent tried a brand new plug, get one. otherwise the problem lies in;

dirty or misadjusted points

bad condensor

grounded kill switch

bad plug wire

bad boot

bad plug

bad wire in wire harness

possible bad tail light bulb

a bad ground somewhere in the system

a resistor type spark plug being used in a resistor type boot

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