Low pwer up hills

Ihave a 1980 puch maxi sport mk 2. Wouldn't work, but then I cleaned the carb and got it running! However, it is doggin it up hils and only achieves a speed of 20 mph on a flat. It starts great and seems to run great. One other thing though, is it pulls forward a little bit when just idling. What can I do to make this puppey run perfecto? Help extremely appreciated.

Re: Low pwer up hills

Jason Luther /

is your idle real high? that will cause the clutch to engage, pulling a little from stop. there is a small adjustment screw on the side of the carb to adjust idle. out for lower idle. all mopeds suck on hills, although 20mph on the flats seem a little low. use freds guide in the resources section of this site to get your ped tuned right. depending on the horsepower model you have it should be 25 to 30 mph. keep any questions coming.-jason

Re: Low pwer up hills

Tighten the cylinder bolts, air leak!

Re: Low pwer up hills

Cool you guys, thanks

I'll tighten the cylinder bolts. I was a little sketched out tightening them when I put the cyclinder head back on cause I was afraid of breakage. I'll try that and see what happens as well as adjustng the carb. I'll get back to you tomorrow.


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