magnum xk tips needed

I'm working on this hot magnum xk, but it is being really difficult. I've gotten it to the point where it goes fine, but crikey if it only goes 20mph then I will.... Anyway it seems this one has been hacked at a lot so I was wondering what the basic xk set up should be - Mine is a 12mm carb/intake, 50 jet, 1 speed engine, 1.5 hp. Ideally I'd like to get it going up to usual stock magnum speed, something in the 30's, but I have a feeling the 1.5 hp is going to limit me. Forgive my rookieness but what exactly makes a 1.5hp engine different from a 2hp engine? Is it something to do with the head/cyclinder or is it sprockets....? One other thing I noticed which I found suspicious is the intake manifold is a decidedly different shape than other 12mm ones I have. It appears the actual intake is smaller, though this could just be an optical illusion. However what is not an illusion is the intake slopes inwards effectively closing down the size of the intake from the opening. All the other bing manifolds I have here are just straight holes, without any closing down. It's like a funnel almost. I've got masses of intakes and carbs in all sizes laying around, so it is tempting to...

okay, last question -- magnum air filters have inside them - a screen, a white hose, and from time to time black plugs inside each end of the white hose. Are the plugs the restrictors? Can I ditch the white hose too?

I'm tempted to take a 2 speed off a maxi and switch them when no one is looking.

thanks a million,benji

Re: magnum xk tips needed

benji treat /


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