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well i've got a few problems but we'll start at this one.

What kind of tool do you use to tighten down the spark plug?

I have no sockets that fit and finger tight just does not do the trick. Nothing seems to fit in that weird little position.


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go to your favourite auto parts store and buy a spark plug socket. it should cost you a buck or so. depending on the style of socket you will need a crescent wrench or socket handle.

i know nothing about motobecanes but also on some bikes the manufacturer includes a spark plug wrench in a little kit of tools, for example, on my hobbit, there is a little tray that slides out from under the seat. you might want to look over your bike and see if there isn't something hidden somewhere before running out to spend any money

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Hami Onder /

If you were lucky, a tool kit should be with your moped. If you have a 50v it will be behind the chrome side plates under the seat. It will look like a thin socket and a handle will fit over to turn it. Wow, its a hard thing to explain but look on your moped for the kit and youll figgure it out if you find one.

If all else fails, find a socket set. Almost all socket sets have a socket to take off spark plugs. It will be the real long, deep one.

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The first tool I got was a socket and crescent combo. It works, and having the crescent is handy.

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Paul Mehalko /

Obvious your reply's don't own a Moby. It's a tight fit to get

a socket in there. I use a 13/16 spark plug socket with a hex end on it. Also you have to take the rubber padding out of the inside of it so you can angle the socket to get on the plug. I then use a regular wrench on the socket to turn the plug.

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