anyone ever resurface a clutch? I'm a gonna try

I've got four sets of Tomos clutches to resurface. How hard can it be? Has anyone out there ever done it? I've tried to contact the Moped Warehouse to have them do it...but to no avail. I think they have gone out of business or something.

Anyway, I figure all you would have to do is grind up the surface plate real good, get some two part epoxy and clamp some cork on there for a day or two. I'll let everyone know how it turns out. Until then abit of advice or knowledge sent this way would help us all out because we all need good clutches in our lives. Thanks

Re: anyone ever resurface a clutch? I'm a gonna tr

there was a thread about this either here or in Performance tuning.. search.. as i recall, someone tracked down the proper aadhesive.. a cyanoacrylate (SP?) .. a Super Glue.. or it mighta been an epoxy.. i forget .

I'd go for it .. if you can find cork with the same density or whatever, you might never need to buy another one.

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