Ciao rear hub fluid?

I have a '74 Ciao that I have heard the rear hub(gearbox) should be filled with 85/90w gear oil. Does that sound right to anyone else.

Ciao rear hub fluid?

yeah that is totally logical i have a 78 hobbit that has a similar arrangement you can find the gear oil at any hardware store; it is cheap

there is probably a bolt that you have to remove; lean the bike to one side and just pour a bunch of oil in until you feel confident that it's full. if you overfill it, the excess will leak out anyway.

good thing to check when taking your bike out out for the spring

Re: Ciao rear hub fluid?

The Ciao has a fill hole in the rear hub. Put oil in the hub until it starts to leak out of this hole. The manual says that this is about 60cc of oil.

Re: Ciao rear hub fluid?

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

The Kinetic TFR is part vespa clone and calls for SAE 90. Jim.

Re: Ciao rear hub fluid?

Bruce Wilkinson /

With the moped in a vertical position, fill the hub with SAE 90 gear oil until it starts to overflow out the filler hole you are putting the oil in. bruce

Re: Ciao rear hub fluid?

Not a good idea to lean the bike to one side. Oil can run into the brake drum area.

Best to get a nose cone plastic squeeze type bottle of 80-90 wt gear oil and inject the oil into the gear box with the moped in the normal upright position. Most Auto parts stores sell gear oil in these type of contaners.

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