nc-50 express trouble HELP

My 1979 nc-50 is havin a bit of trouble. Before winter it fired right up first time. Now, it won't start unless i pour gas directly into the cylinder. I took the fuel line off and its not the petcock cause gas is flowing freely when i opened it up. When i started it by just putting alittle gas directly into the cylinder it would go for like 5 seconds and then die, like no gas was making it from the tank into the cylinder. I'm thinking its the carb, but just the fact that it ran so good before winter wants to make me believe that the carb was pretty clean. Any suggestions would be great.



Re: nc-50 express trouble HELP

Re: nc-50 express trouble HELP

Jonas Quimby /


I wrote that specificly for the Express.

I'm guessing it's the carb myself, so you can try it first. If that doesnt work, try the others.

The Express is stupidly sensative about it's carb being spotless and properly tuned.

Re: nc-50 express trouble HELP

gasoline isn't all that stable when it sits around for months.. and the added oil might make it less stable.. Seems like a thin coating of a soft substance coats the interior walls that have gas left sitting in them, particularly the float bowl.

same thing happened to me after letting a bike sit for a few weeks... previously ran great but then barely ran after really hard starting.

Inside the float bowl was tiny flakes of residue from gasoline that had deteriorated. Too big to get through the main jet, the little pieces just floated around till one got sucked up and clogged the main jet.

Re: nc-50 express trouble HELP

thank you everyone for your help!

Re: nc-50 express trouble HELP

Leon Swarmer /

You have checked the oil supply haven't you? They can leak down over the winter and it won't run without it.


Re: nc-50 express trouble HELP

Jonas Quimby /

The Express more commonly has oil leak past the injector when it sits, filling the crank case with a lake of oil and making it run poorly for awhile.

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