spring cleaning turned into spring breaking

So I tried to clean out my carb and it turns out that the jet is locked in there tight and as I tried to remove it the thing I don't know the name for basically broke off and now the screwdriver has a lot of room but can not remove the jet. Do I need a new jet? Also, the gas line removed itself from the carb - can i just reattatch this? or do I need a new one?

oh wow this great event turned into something tragic.

-Kelly Ginger

Re: spring cleaning turned into spring breaking

Zach Zaletel /

No particular Puch experience -

Gas line removed itself - if it's hard plastic like on my Columbia, just take a hairdryer or similar to heat the line until flexible and fit it back on the carb once you fix the jet problem.

As far as the jet problem - it's a little unclear for what broke off - what number(s) broke on this picture:



Re: spring cleaning turned into spring breaking

I think you mean the main jet screw slot is trashed. (part #1 on that diagram ?)

people tend to over-tighten jets and the soft brass breaks easily.. if you can gently grab what's left with a pair of pliers and turn it out without squashing it and upsetting the jet's bore, it might be re-useable .. bummer if not..

Re: spring cleaning turned into spring breaking

It sounds like the crown broke on the jet. The moped should still run unless when you were unscrewing the jet you mashed the hole. Get a pair of needle nose pliers and unscrew the jet that way. You'll end up unscrewing the tube that the jet goes into. If you can blow through it, put it back and ride the moped. As far as the fuel line goes, just pull it all off and buy some new line. It's like $.15 a foot. I recommend replacing the fuel line once a year.


Re: spring cleaning turned into spring breaking

Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx /

just get a new jet too. they are only a couple of bucks and you can get them all over the place.

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