1978 honda pa50hobbit belt and tires

Alex Chesney /

hey,,wondering what type of belt is used on the78 honda pa50?what is the part number where can i find it///auto parts store?thanks.oh yeah tires too ?alex

alex oh yeah its a hobbit

Re: 1978 honda pa50hobbit belt and tires

You can get by with any common automobile fan belt..

a Type "B" (21/32 top width, 13.32 inch thick) , 42 inches long.

The cogged belts.. the ones with bumps around the inside instead of just flat rubber, grip and flex a little better.. but the key to a good grip is perfectly flat, smooth, clean pulley walls.

Shop around .. if you ask the guy behind the counter for a 42" belt, it might be $25 or more.. but if you pull it off a rack yourself in some huge auto parts store, it might be $6

Re: 1978 honda pa50hobbit belt and tires

tires.. hmm.. plain old 2.25 X 17 motorcycle tires .. go wider if you like. 2.75 fit fine

These are not hard to find but you dont need high-speed rated (expensive) ones so don't order from a regular motorcycle shop or they might be $80+.. some customized, chopped Harleys use a 17" front.

I order tires at a local go-cart /bicycle shop and they are $19.. the guy knows what i want and need. Innertubes you can get anywhere, including motorcycle shops for around $7.

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