1978 honda pa50 belt and tires

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hey,,wondering what type of belt is used on the78 honda pa50?what is the part number where can i find it///auto parts store?thanks.oh yeah tires too ?


Re: 1978 honda pa50 belt and tires

Honda Hobbit PA50 belts can only be bought new from a dealer. They are made by Mitsuboshi and are OEM only. They are 13.5mm wide and all USA belts are 1/2" (12.5mm) wide. Honda stores want about $70.00 for one. You can get one from Classic Motorcycle Spares in the Netherlands at a good price but then you have to pay to have it freighted across the pond. Go to cmsnl.com The part number is: 23100-148-703

Every once in awhile they are available used on ebay.

Good luck

Re: 1978 honda pa50 belt and tires

It's hard to believe that 0.40" would make such a big difference, but I don't have a PA-50.

I'd try to match it up with a 'fan belt' from NAPA. Autozone, Pep Boys, etc and if it doesn't work you're only out $5.

If it does work, Bingo!

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