what grease to use on an MBK 881 variator?

Felipe Fernandez /

I've been having problems with my new mobylette MBK 881 (the picture is in the site gallery). Whenever I reduced the speed too drastically to zero the engine stopped. I realized that the moped had some years when I bought it and very little mileage (around 800Km) so probably it had never been lubricated since it was new in 1985. so I figured out probably the clutch mechanism in the variator or flywheel was lacking a good amount of grease and it was kinda stuck. I do not have a grease gun, so I used a big 60cc syringue to put some motor oil in the mechanism and the problem stoped. This is obviously a very transitory solution, since the motor oil is too thin and in a few miles it will be burned by the friction in the mechanism, but it served to locate the problem. I've been having lots of problem to find a grease pistol, apparently in normal garages they do not use them any more, but in the worst case I will dismount the flywheel to put a good amount of grease on it.

but my question is the following, what grease should I use? please note that I'm in Paris now, so include description of the qualities the grease should have in case I do not find the specific brand/type in the local market.

Thank you very much for your help,


Re: what grease to use on an MBK 881 variator?

Felipe Fernandez /

by the way, I found a grease gun but the cap doesn't fit in the grease nipple inside the nut that holds the variator... any ideas???? I really do not want to dismount the variator just to put some grease on it...



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