A-3 problems

i am having clutch problems on a tomos w/ a-3 engine. what i was wondering is how do you tell when the clutch goes bad, and i know you can tell by it not shifting, i mean are there visible signs. the pads look fine and the spring as well. however when i took a working clutch out of another a-3 and put it in when i started it all it did was shake and almost jump from under me. any help would be appreciated. thanks

Re: A-3 problems

Well, that was a big problem with those old a-3's. When this happens, just let of the gas for a sec and then get back on the gas.(you should have then shifted) As time progressis, if this bike has sat for a while this shaking problem will get better. To help with the problem for now, change the tranny fluid with no detergent 10w 30 or SAE 30. Do you know how to change the fluid in these mopeds?

Re: A-3 problems

did you read the previous post? im not trying to be a jerk but i think i would know how to change the fluids when i said that i just swapped out clutches.

now to ask you have you had a bike that shook like this? it seems to me that this isnt a good thing since the bike seems that it wants to go on its own. it seems to me that the clutch is engaging when it should be free spinning.

i really appreciate your advice, but still looking for more answers.


Re: A-3 problems

Don Pflueger /

shaking in a transmission is caused by any number of thins;

bad clutch shoe/s

clutch not aligned properly

bad clutch spring

clutch frozen or sticking to the shaft

worn clutch shoe/s

improperly shimmed clutch drum

improperly shimmed gears

improperly shimmed gear or clutch shaft

loose bolts or clips holding parts together

improper fluid level

improper fluid

worn gears or shafts

lubrication problem/s

or just plain not assembled correctly

Re: A-3 problems

Jeff Strahle /

I have an A-3 n and it shakes on me in first gear sometimes even though i just put brand new clutches in less than a week ago. check the corners of the clutch where the pins for the springs are in second gear clutch because these use to break(a problem tomos had with A-3's) and the metal corner would go into the tranny and not only make it shift completely different, but chew up the gears. When it happened to my tranny first and second speed gears were stripped and it was 150.00 to replace the two gears, not to menchon all the time it took getting the meal shavings and debris out of the tranny case. Check that and you should be fine. Other than that if the springs are tight just soak the springs in some WD-40 for a while (make sure not to get WD-40 on the clutch part) and reassemble and it should be alright. Well thats my 2 cents. Good luck


Re: A-3 problems

no but are you sure you know how to change the fluid or even check it?i think not

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