cleaning and setting tomos points

I got my tomos to spark again but it was shaky it seemed to only spark every several storkes if that, could that be dirty or ill set points. And how do you guys recomend cleaning and setting them. Or what is wrong. It sparks but it only seems to spark after a while.

Re: cleaning and setting tomos points

point contact surfaces should be shiny clean.. a file or some fine sandpaper.. the mating surfaces should be flat and square against one other.. bending them sometimes breaks the point set so.. i dont recommend that.. Just use the file .. If they are way off, get a new set.

Re: cleaning and setting tomos points

Don Pflueger /

clean the points with electrical contact cleaner, and an emory board or small file. set the gap at .014"-.016". sounds to me more like a bad condensor tho.

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