Kitted Puch Newport - SLOWWW

I finished installing my Athena 70cc kit along with my BiTurbo exhaust last week. I'm still breaking in the engine - and boy does this thing haul (of course I'm not taking it past 30).

It's S L O W off the line though! I can make it up giant hills if I get a running start - but if I don't have a good 12 feet, I come to a complete stop on the hill!

How can I get a little bit more speed off the line without sacrificing _too_ much top speed. I don't mind shaving a bit off the top speed, but don't want to make it go 30 again.



Re: Kitted Puch Newport - SLOWWW

one size smaller front sprocket

Re: Kitted Puch Newport - SLOWWW

:: rubs chin ::

Where do I go about getting this sprocket?

Re: Kitted Puch Newport - SLOWWW


Re: Kitted Puch Newport - SLOWWW

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