Keeps Dieing

Evan Sorrell /

I have an old Honda Aero 50- I think its an 85, it has no ignition so i kick start it- It runs, but only goes 25 mph full throttle when the speedometer reads up to 35-40, and when i go 25 for too long it chokes and dies, or if i slow down it chokes and dies, but if i keep my hand over where the airfilter is it will go faster and not die- does anyone know whats wrong with it-?

Re: Keeps Dieing

sounds like it's starving for fuel, which can be caused by a number of things. Restricting air with your hand restores a more correct air:fuel ratio, so it runs better.

In the meantime it's running lean (too much air, not enough gasoline) and might be slightly overheating, so the engine fights excess friction to keep running. Slowing down reduces power and allows it to die.

First thing to try is to thoroughly clean the carb and adjust the float level.. Free fuel flow from the tank to the carb is important and restriction there can also cause the problem.

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