Leaking Petcock Fix

My Petcock was leaking fuel when you shut it off. It is thirty years old. I took it apart and found that there is a round washer with three holes that was all cracked from age.

I used a piece of neoprene rubber 1/16" thick. I pressed it on the opening of the petcock body to get an impression of the circle and cut this out. I let it soak in gas overnight and the gas didn't seem to hurt it.

To make the three small holes I found a nail that would just fit into one of the small holes. I filed the end of the nail flat with nice sharp edge. I then placed the neoprene on a piece of wood and knocked the holes out. Put the neoprene in the petcock and it works great.

A new petcock is about $18 - $24. The body and all the other parts were in good shape. This is a .50 cent fix for those of you with a leaking petcock.

Re: Leaking Petcock Fix

where did yu get theat neoprene?

Re: Leaking Petcock Fix

At a hardware store. They had these washers made out of them about one inch diameter with a quarter inch hole. Enough material around them to puch out the gasket.

Re: Leaking Petcock Fix

Jason Luther /

"puch" out the gasket, i get it!

Re: Leaking Petcock Fix

A while back, i tried everything i could find.. and a local hardware store actually had neoprene sheet in different thicknesses. so i cut a couple gaskets (used sharpened tubes as punches to make the holes). I don't want to say it won't last on your bike, but on mine it didn't.

The spring's pressing the metal valve against the neoprene eventually scuffed it's flat surface and it began to leak a bit. The internal leak didnt bother me much but after a few weeks, the petcock was getting harder and harder to turn. On disassembly, chunks of rubber were getting torn out around the punched holes.

The original seal was some kind of purplish soft rubber or something.. never been able to find out what the hell it was made from.

Re: Leaking Petcock Fix

Yes, the original seal in mine was a clear/yellowish flexible material. I have no idea what it was either. Trying something so I could ride my ped. I will see what time does but for now it is working good. At least I can turn the fuel off.

Re: Leaking Petcock Fix

Hey Joe,have you tried the lid off of a can of extreme pressure grease, (wheel bearing grease)? That is flexible, smooth, does not stretch and may not tear like the neoprene. Also a little thinner like the original seal. It seems to hold up to the grease so it must be good for petroleum products.

I think I will cut a piece out and let it sit in a gas/oil mixture for a week and see what it looks like.

Re: Leaking Petcock Fix

i havent messed with it for a while.. but if it ever happens again i'll try that .. maybe something like the rubber seal in a portable gas can cap..

sure would like to know what that stuff is.. it almost looks as if it is molded from a 2-part liquid.. maybe a soft urethane compound (which are fuel-proof)

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