Peugeot fox? Anyone know about these? Kick's stuck

I have this girls Peugeot Fox and the kick starter lever is locked up. Could this be caused by the engine being seized...or is some spring stuck. I haven't worked on one of these before. Anybody have a manual out there for one? I think it's a 2001.

I'm going to crack the casing open tommorrow and take a look. Any response or knowledge would be great. Thanks

Re: Peugeot fox? Anyone know about these? Kick's s

im pretty sure that the fox uses one of peugeot's scooter may want to look into that

Re: Peugeot fox? Anyone know about these? Kick's s

Richard Wisniewski /

Those things arent to easy to work with. Get or find some info on diasssembly.but if you dont have specs on part tolerances its useless and a waste of time.

you can do more damage than good.

if you want to get some dieasl fuel and pour some into the cylinder if you think its stuck. through spark plug hole

this can only work if the piston is covering the exhaust port.

let it sti for a few days (top upevery day) remove the head and using a peice of wood(peices of broom handles) and hammer, wack the wood so that it hits the center of the piston. the piston should move and be free after 3-4 hits(good ones)

see how smooth the cylinder is if it has a small high spot use 2000 grit and be -Very careful-light and slow (think of how to catch the metal dust so the dont get to the rings)

i wouldnt go any further than that without a manual.

Thier should be a way to turn over the motor without the kick to see if its seazed


Re: Peugeot fox? Anyone know about these? Kick's s

I found a manual I think will work. I took the plug off and stuck a thin dowel down in there. The piston was at the top...I pushed it down and the piston slid down with ease. Phew! Now I've got to go get every star shaped screwdriver in the book to get the side cover off.

Anyone know what kind of gear oil these have in that back drum? 90W probably. The irony is I just got rid of this Honda Express because I love the simplicity of my this think pops into my life and the motor looks very similiar to the Honda.

I was also wondering how these things work. I says 49cm clearly on the motor and the speedo goes to that possible...I don't think so.

Re: Peugeot fox? Anyone know about these? Kick's s

is the speedo in kilometers???

Re: Peugeot fox? Anyone know about these? Kick's s

Probably in kilometers.

So here is what's up. The botton of the piston broke off and all the metal shards jammed up in the head up so the piston arm couldn't complete it's rotation. It doesn't look like she made it very far like that. The cylinder is groved up abit (i'm not sure how much is too much) but the rings don't seem that badly gauged. I'm also not sure how much metal got down in the bottom of the crankcase but I'll bet I'll have to open it up to find out.

Anyone know where to get a new (or used) jug, pistons, and rings for this thing. I'll post it in buy/sell.

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