Where to buy parts

Steven Saunders /

Where is a good place to buy fuel hoses, spark plugs, etc. for reasonable prices? Either someplace near San Francisco or online. -Steve-O

Where to buy parts

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

fuel hoses & spark plugs are available at most auto parts stores. moped specific parts can be purchased at moped warehouse. Jim.

Re: Where to buy parts

Don Pflueger /

auto parts stores

Re: Where to buy parts

I have 3/16" fuel line and NGK spark plugs, Drop me an email

Re: Where to buy parts

everything like that i buy at Napa

Re: Where to buy parts

Call Zippy he's good people!!!

Chris at Mopedwarehouse is good people too.

there's a lot of good people in this business.

We have a handy dandy dealer finder on our webpage

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