Ive just rebuilt a 1980 garelli super sport. Almost ready to go but I dont know what kind of oil to put in the crankcase/tranny. I know that two strokes dont need oil so I assume its the tranny. Also do I mix the gas 50:1 or is it a diffrent mixture. Please help im lost. Thanks

Re: oilchange

Since you just rebuilt it I would mix it 26:1 for at least the first two tanks. Then I would run it around 32:1 and no less than 40:1 after that. I think 50:1 is just to little oil considering that it is the only lubrication in the motor.

Re: oilchange

Justin Elliott /

Thanks Pepied, but do you know what kind of oil to put in the tranny?

Re: oilchange

page 23 of THIS Garelli manual 1976-78 says use 13.5 oz (400cc) of SAE 30 wt non-detergent motor oil in the clutch housing.. A 1980 bike is likely the same .. except for a top tank model they appear the same to me.

It is wise to use non-detergent ...

Detergents are for loosening up crap and to keep it circulating until it finally gets trapped in a filter. But the bike has no filter. It's better to leave metalic flakes and other junk stuck wherever it is now stuck..

Another thing is detergent additives break down under the heat and pressure of the clutch and glaze or otherwise damage clutch pad surfaces.

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