Honda Express starter spring release

I am in need of an education. I acquired a 1980 Honda Express that is not running. The engine turns freely, but, the starter spring is wound tight and won't release. Does the spring normally release when the kick pedal returns to the top of its stroke, or, is there another means to let her rip? The kick pedal does move about 10 - 15 degrees, and has significant spring tension against it, so I think the starter spring is in tact. Is it safe to disassemble in this condition?? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Ron

Re: Honda Express starter spring release

A MANUAL might help .. And the forum's "Search" function above can come in handy.

Looks like you gotta apply the rear brake to release the starter spring or something like that.. but I don't have an Express so i'm guessing..

Disassembling a spring under tension might not be healthy..

Re: Honda Express starter spring release

Jonas Quimby /

Do not remove the tranny cover with the spring wound. Just dont.

What you do is pull the back brake handle as far as it will go. If this doesnt work, you need to adjust the cable.

So look at the top of the transmission. At the very end is the brake lever, but about half way along the top of the transmission is the spring release lever. You can adjust the nut on the cable to make it release sooner, and then you should be on your way.

Hope this helps!

Re: Honda Express starter spring release

Ron Fisher /

Thanks. The rear brake cable is broken, but i found the lever and released the starter spring. Rerpairs can proceed from here. Thanks again.

Re: Honda Express starter spring release

i was a fool and didnt know this and i removed the tranny cover under spring tension., now the crankshaft is bent out of position from the spring tension and i cant get it back on. you have any tips?

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