Biturbo exhaust + Newport

I bought one of the Biturbo knockoffs from Moped Warehouse - and it works fantastic.

Unfortunately my pedal hits it! It's scratching the hell out of it. How can I fix this situation?

Re: Biturbo exhaust + Newport

"If all else fails, use fire."

-The Legend Of Zelda II: The Adventures of Link.

Probably just bend the arm a little.

Re: Biturbo exhaust + Newport

ಠ_ಠ Jon Folks ಠ_ಠ /

What a crappy game. I for one am a big fan of ET for Atari. oh yea.

Re: Biturbo exhaust + Newport

If the pedal hits one of the pipes cones or the barrel, lots of people just hammer a dent in the pipe.. obviously this hurts the pipe's effectiveness to some degree since dents inhibit smooth gas and sound wave flow.. But i have seen some custom pipes that are built that way (with dents) just because there is no better alternative. But if the pedal hits the header tube, forget about denting that..

I dont have much experience with sheet metal body work but i guess a wide, padded hammer or a padded dolly and hammer and a careful whack or two would fix it without scratching it up.

First i'd estimate how deep the dent needs to be. If just a shallow indentation will do it, then I'd mark carefully out where the pedal hits with a felt pen. Then take the pipe to a padded workbench and do it there.. Reinstall the pipe and see if it needs to go a bit deeper.

If the dent needs to be deep and ugly, modifying or the bending the pedal crank might be the better way.

Re: Biturbo exhaust + Newport

the biturbo shouyld fit on a newport/maxi with ease. are you sure your pedal arm wasn't already bent?

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