HELP! 1978, Was It a good Year?

HELP ya'll..... I have in my possession a 1978 Styer-Damlier- Puch Moped. It is Junk! No really, It came from a Junk Dealer. I have no key, and even if I did, it would not run....Even I can tell there are a few too many parts missing for comfort!! I would love to fix it up (cheap, of course)for my 25 year old daughter. It does not need to look "original", a modern take on it is fine... I have few funds, few options and grand ideas.... Where do I go for help???? Any one want a project??? I am in Ft Worth Texas. Anyone local? Thanxs

Re: HELP! 1978, Was It a good Year?

See Ya Moped Army /

I have turned "junk" like your's into treasures. The key is just for the steering lock, not the ignition. If I lived closer, I'd take it off your hands right quick.

Re: HELP! 1978, Was It a good Year?

I'm in Austin, TX. I've done a bit of work on Puch engines and could help you out. At least tell you what you need to buy. If you're ever in the Austin area - bring it with you.

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