Need Help Getting Honda Elite 1993 49cc to Run

ok guys, i know this isnt really a "moped" but it is one to me... so i got this 1993 honda elite 49cc moped for free from a friend, but it wont start... my dad changed the piston rings, cleaned the carborator, got a new spark plug, and did other work... we cant figure out what is wrong with it and why it wont start... we have tried the electric start, and the kick start almost daily for about a month, + work to it almost daily... it is getting gas to the carborator, it is getting spark, and it is getting compression... does ANYONE know something that will cause it to not start that we dont know? if so pleeeease tell me... email me at thank you so much!


Re: Need Help Getting Honda Elite 1993 49cc to Run

Start off with a new spark plug or one you are positive can and will spark, gapped correctly. Spray some Starter Fluid into the carb air intake (or remove the plug and squirt a bit in there). If it runs for a moment, ignition is ok but fuel is not being delivered to the cylinder.. probably a dirty carb or no fuel in the bowl or some related fuel restriction trouble.

If the thing still won't pop, and after failure to start on gasoline the plug's tip is wet fouled, it could be a lot of things.. improper high float level or a weak ignition .. and the list goes on. Check THIS out for more ideas.

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