Spark plug wiri broken

Hi Guys,Its me again with problems.The spark plug wire is broken in two.It broke off of the L shaped gizmo that holds the spark plug.If i can get past this i think she will start.1978 Honda Express

Question #2 1978 Tomos i am told is a back peddle start.I think there is something missing on the right side handle bar to activate the start? I cant figure out how she starts.

All help would be appreciated.Thank you in advance!


Re: Spark plug wiri broken

There should be a switch on the right handle that clicks to the right for on. It completes the ignition circuit.

On the Honda if there is still enough wire on the spark plug wire to reach the plug...go to the local motorcycle mechanic/shop and buy a new "L shaped thing" and screw it on there.

Re: Spark plug wiri broken

See Ya Moped Army /

There should be an ignition On/Off switch. There is no starter clutch on the left side.

Re: Spark plug wiri broken

With the Tomos: yeah just rotate the pedals backwards, might be a little hard, but that turns over the motor to start it.

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