another question

Hi, thanx for answering!

I have one more thing to ask

I have no spark, it happened before and when i changed the coil it worked! Now the same problem and i am wondering what could cause the problem...

Is is normal to have "short circuit", 0 resistance,

between ground (0) and the coil alimentation cable,

that comes out of the motor (and between 0 and light alimentation) ?

If not, how can i remeditate the problem?


Re: another question

Take a look at THIS page. Looking at the top diagram, you'll see that both the primary and secondary coils in the spark coil are grounded. And, in fact, everything is somehow grounded. Ground completes the circuit for all electrical paths.

(Substitute the diagram's battery with the engine's magneto.)

The magneto's ignition coil wire goes to the points. The other end of that coil's wire is grounded. So, if i understand the question, the wire that comes out of the engine (magneto) should not show zero resistance to ground. The resistance of that ignition coil to gound should show as a few ohms.

this stuff is not easy to put into words.. just check out the diagram and your bike's wiring diagram and / or search the net for similar pages..

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