Full throttle and it dies

Maybe a simple answer - I swear I've asked this question here before and got an answer - just couldn't find it.

So I swapped carbs from a Puch Newport on to a Pinto 2. It starts fine, but when I pull back on the throttle it give that deep throaty dying sound. If I accellerate slowly, it gets up to full speed. I had this problem with a Ciao a while back, and I think I fixed it by adjusting the mix screws on the outside of the carb - though I can't remember.

What's the cause/fix of this?


Re: Full throttle and it dies

It sounds to me that there is not much fuel getting to the carb OR there is way to much air gettin to the motor. first check for air leaks... and are you runnin with an air filter(if not you may need one)

Re: Full throttle and it dies

Don Pflueger /

do a plug chop. sounds lean.

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