weak spark in A3 Tomos

Patrick Stover /

i am having some problms with starting my '79 Tomos A3SP. it is getting very weak spark, and it is hardly getting any with the plug, i have already cleaned out the points and the fly wheel pads... but it is stil getting hardly anything. does any one know what it might be? i am almost positive it is not in the points/ flywheel area. i dont know though, anything would help.

Re: weak spark in A3 Tomos

Don Pflueger /

two things, get a champion l86c plug and do not use an rl86c. replace your condensor and points, then make sure the points are gapped at .014"-.016".

Re: weak spark in A3 Tomos

hey, wait a minute!!!!!!!!!

that was more then two things...........lol

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