Motobecane 50v not shifting

Unfortunately I didn't really have a place to store my 'ped during the winter, so it sat under the overhang of my backyard shed. (I know.. i didn't really like it either; ;) When it started to get nice out, i pulled 'er out of "storage" and fired 'er up. Things were a bit sticky (throttle) but everything seems to work pretty well. Normally once a certain speed is reached, (or possibly rpm?) the motor will actuall lift up, and the belt is moved higher up onto the pully reducing the RPM of the engine,and increasing speed. It no longer does this; ; It's now got a top speed of about 15mph (down hill) with the engine pretty much rapped out versus the 30+ pre-winter-storage.

Any ideas on what might be the cause? I'm tryin' to find out what parts I should disasemble / clean or replace in order to get 'er runnin' at full-speed again.

Thanks a bunch~!


Re: Motobecane 50v not shifting

That usually means that the weights are stuck or the movable pulley face isn't sliding in order to increase the circumference of the front pulley.There are a lot of posts on variators and how they operate in the archives. Do a search.

That is unless the engine has just lost a lot of power and isn't capable of rpms. don-ohio (:^)

Re: Motobecane 50v not shifting

your clutch is stuck, here is the shop manual

-you may be able to remove the belt, force the outside "sliding cheek" in, and put a bunch of grease on the metal balls

-you can remove the clutch cover with a ratchet set, and a piston stop. you may find that stuff in there has coroded, and stuck itself

-you may need to pull the clutch (tool available at moped warehouse)

god luck

Re: Motobecane 50v not shifting

I mean good luck.

Re: Motobecane 50v not shifting

a little bit of rust / corrosion on the variator main shaft can do it.. Before disassembling the variator, move the rear wheel forwards, remove the drive belt and see if the pulley half is able to move inwards at all.

Re: Motobecane 50v not shifting

Awsome guys, thanks a bunch^^ I'll try and get 'er apart this weekend. It's just too damn nice not to ride my ped lol.



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