Streetmate carb

trying to re-tune the "mixture screw" or at least i hope so...the screw on the front of the carb to the left of the idle screw and near the air entrance. Anyone have any tips? What exactly does this control, either gas or air, and which way does what? And also, if anyone feels generous enough to screw theirs in and count the turns, that would help a ton.

Re: Streetmate carb

also, has anyone successfully taken the filter out of the airbox?

Re: Streetmate carb

The screw on the carb is an idle mixture screw just like on a cars carb. If you turn the screw in (clockwise) it makes the mixture richer. My carbs screw is 2 turns out. I have found that the carb needs adjusted if the temp outside changes much. I have tried to mod the airbox and it made it run bad. The only thing I did do which did not seem to do much was open the air inlet hole to a bigger size = 19mm.

Re: Streetmate carb

glad to see your back Jeff!!

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