how to get mopeds started

Hi,I have two units that have not been started for 15-20-years.The first unit is a Tomos Sport A3GM 2-speed automatic, 1979 ? that I can not figure out how to start.

The other unit is a Honda Express 1979 ? that i can't get started.I am not the best mechanic so i could use all the help i can get.

I'm looking foreward to riding these this Summer.

Thank you in advance for any and all the help.



Re: how to get mopeds started

On the Tomos it's a kick start. Take one of the pedal to the 10 o clock position and kick it down to the 6 o clock position. Ow ya make sure it is turned on and the fuel line is set to on


Re: how to get mopeds started

See Ya Moped Army /

On the honda, kick down on the kickstarter 3 times. Then, pull the rear brake lever on the handlebars (left one). That's how you start it.

Re: how to get mopeds started

Jonas Quimby /

I wrote a guide to getting an old Express to start. Any bike that's sat for more then 9 months without running will need a little work before it's going to fire up.

Search the repair board for Garage Sale Express and you should find the article I wrote. Hope that helps.

Re: how to get mopeds started

This is the post by jax184 -

Absolutely great!!

You should also try Fred's Guide at:

Good Luck!!

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