body kits? :S

Dimitri Rosner /

lol i know this is a lil wierd of a question.. but is it possible to get body kits for mopeds.. to make them look GOOD.. like a street bike clip on caseing? =D

Re: body kits? :S

tomos ttlx

Re: body kits? :S

Jeff Strahle /

nope the only ones you can get are custom you hahaha

Re: body kits? :S

Mopeds look best when stupid plastic stuff is removed from them. Add body panels? sounds like a bad idea to me

Re: body kits? :S

you can repaint them oh TUNER FAITHFUL!! LOL

Re: body kits? :S

I agree with Dan on that one. Besides why add more weight on an already overworked engine?


Re: body kits? :S

dude i think street bikes are gay i dont understatnd why people want them..............if it were me and i had to get somthing other then a moped id get a street legalized dirt bike or a harley........or somthing with same styling as one.... i think the street bikes are just somthing that they think all the girls will like but only gangter girls will like them i think their gay.....thats just me though

Re: body kits? :S

What do you use to custom make plastic body parts?

How do you mold, shape, and bend plastic?

I would like to make a custom windshield for my Tomos Sprint.

I want to make it look like an old school cafe racer.


Re: body kits? :S

you could blow mold them, search the net, there are free plans on how to build them

Re: body kits? :S

...a "streetbike" is not realy meant for the downtown.

Right? I as a matter of fact like motorbikes a lot.

Have you ever taken a ducati 996sps out

for a test drive up in the mountains of


I'm only 15,yet i know what that feels like:

going over130 mph on a windy road(more like 150,but i wont brag,

and yes I did that illegaly,being 15).

"doing the twisties" is something like streetracing, and drifting

you can get hooked on it!,until you experience that, dont bitch about

street bikes,or anything else for that matter!!

Just cause you dont like em, doesent mean they're bad!!

And, finally, i dont realy like Harley Davidson that much,

or how they sound, but, I RESPECT THE HARLEY





Re: body kits? :S

ಠ_ಠ Jon Folks ಠ_ಠ /

If you want plastic kits buy a scooter.

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