PA50 II electrical prob

I am having a serious problem with my 78 hobbit, for some odd reason i am blowing up lights mainly tail and brake at full throttle they just pop, i put a voltmeter on there and at idle it sits between 12 and 15 volts when the throttle was applied it shot up to nearly 32 volts. Does anyone have any idea why this would be happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: PA50 II electrical prob

same exact thing happens on mine.. I suspected a bad silicon rectifier but after trying two others and getting the same results, I'm sure it's just normal magneto behavior. There is no voltage regulator.

i replaced the 6V bulbs with 12Volt.

The 6V-5watt and 6V-10watt can be replaced with 12V 10W and 12V 20W (or close to those wattage values). Light output is about the same and they dont fry at high RPM.

A large autoparts store had the 12V bulbs with the correct base.. and they were pretty cheap, like a package of 2 for $3.

Re: PA50 II electrical prob

If your headlight is burned out the voltage will rise and cause the tail lights to blow.

Is your headlight OK?

Re: PA50 II electrical prob

Right! I'ts been so long since i worked on the lights i completely forgot about that.. I think the lack of a headlight was the original source of my problems with tail lights burning out.

Current to the tail is too high without a headlight since the headlight and all other lights on the circuit are just like resistors, absorbing "overvoltage".. An original, complete brand-new bike with all lamps operating has no problems with burned bulbs.

I remember going through the whole system after studying the wiring diagram and rewired some stuff.. I may have ended up completely isolating the tail lights from the headlight circuit.. can't recall the details but i spent a week on it..

Still, old tail lamps you find in a junkyard bike easily pop.. the elements wear out as they get thin with age. Any blacking coating inside a bulb's glass is an indication of it. New 12volt bulb replacements won't hurt, imo.

Re: PA50 II electrical prob

Unfortunately I do not have a headlight, would anyone happen to know where i might find a housing for the hobbit

Thanks for your help

Re: PA50 II electrical prob

The Express' and maybe a few other honda models from those years have the same housing.. that's how i got mine.. at a motorcycle scrapyard. Search the Photos section at the top of the page.

Call Honda and you might get lucky. They have the headlamp itself and a few other Hobbit parts..

Re: PA50 II electrical prob

The problem with those housings and the reason you don't see them intact anymore is they were tricky to get open and most people broke them trying to open them. That and 25 year old plastic makes them rare to find intact!

Re: PA50 II electrical prob

yeah.. and the Sun dries and destroys the plastic and makes it all very brittle.. my original was cracked up and chipped and the attachment lugs were snapped off... just hanging by some wires.

The junkyard replacement was perfecto .. cept it had a burned bulb and was the wrong color.. but that junyard dog wouldn't give me any kinda deal. I think i got it for $20 but i also bought a 75% complete Hobbit parts bike at the same time so it's hard to say what i paid.

Re: PA50 II electrical prob

These headlight buckets are for sale all the time on ebay.

Some are pretty junky though. Just pick and choose.

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