1983? yamaha project

ive got this 1983 yamaha scoot that i just saved from my girlfriends dads garage and am trying to get it running as it hasnt been driven in awhile. wondering if anybody had tips as to what the problem might be. it does spark and ive got gas in it. when i attempt to kick start it it sounds kind of like a nut grinder, as if its turning over but not catching or something. also under the seat is the gas tank and a rubber stopper that says oil on it. my assumption is that this one is for two cycle while the other oil hole (on the engine) is for regular oil. Yes? one more thing is the battery mandatory for this thing? it doesnt have an electric start and my guess would hence be that no it isnt an absolute necessity. thanks for any help.

Re: 1983? yamaha project

Josh Holle /

by the way it looks like the 1982 QT50 yamahopper under pics on this site. sorry but im no good with attachments.

Re: 1983? yamaha project

I have a QT50... what u need to know?

Re: 1983? yamaha project

#1: no... the battery isn't needed but it makes the lights work alot better

#2: Yes... the "oil" tank under the seat is for 2-stroke oil

#3: take out the spark plug and if you think you are hearing something moving in the cylinder... it's turning over.

#4: with the plug out of the cylinder and pluged into the plug wire... hold the end of the plug to the top of the cylinder head and kick the motor over.. if you see a spark you have spark so re-install the plug.

#5: Clean your carb extreamily and replace the fuel in the tank under the seat. with the fuel vlave pointing up pull the fuel line off of the carb and check for fuel flow. is fuel streams out re-install the fuel line.

#6: try and start the motor... you can pour a SMALL amount into the cylinder and re-install the plug to help the motor start. if it doesnt start remove the exhaust and try again. If it starts without the exhaust the exhaust needs cleaning.

#7: cleaning your exhaust is easy as removing the silver cover from the exhaust and put the exhaust in a burning fire... be sure not to let the exhaust get red hot or it will melt.

Hope this helps and feel free to ask more questions

Re: 1983? yamaha project

Josh Holle /

alright when i put gas in it the fuel leaks out of a small gold tube pointing towards the rear of the bike on the bottom of the carb. should this have a fuel line running from it or what is going on??

Re: 1983? yamaha project

The float is stuck in the carb, or the needle seat is dirty or the float needle is bad. Remove and clean the carb, and only use FRESH gas in the tank. Get rid of the old stuff.

BUT if that hose is the float bowl drain, then the screw at the bottom of the carb is open or leaking. don-ohio

Re: 1983? yamaha project

John Joedicke /

Does that thing have a diaphragm in the petcock that works on vacuum. It may be leaking by and flooding the old tired carb. Common problem on Yamaha snails, maybe the same here. Really don't know anything about yamaha peds, only snails.

Re: 1983? yamaha project

No.. these peds dont. The screw on the bottom of his carb is all the way out. That hold is a bowl drain. He needs to screw it all the way in. i have privately messeged hin and got it mostly worked out.

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