puch exaust-tomos a3?

i ordered a tomos a3 exaust and got a new model that is like unto a puch style… -a3n-engine… but im just not sure what jet would go well with this new pipe…my carb is a delorto and my engine has been bored from 38.00mm to 38.50mm, the carb has a #52 jet stock.. i have numbers 52, 54, 56, 60 jets…which would be best for this type pipe? also since my motor has been bored over, should i run 2x the oil to gas mix like in new mopeds…for breaking in the motor?

thx for your help,

mike c

Re: puch exaust-tomos a3?


IT wouldn't hurt to run the moped at 32:1 for a couple hurndred miles

and take it easy on the thorttle.

No one is going to have a clue as to what you are taking about as far as the exhuasts go. If the new exhuast provides a performance increase then go and increase the size of your jet.

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