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ಠ_ಠ Jon Folks ಠ_ಠ /

I upgraded to mag wheels on my Puch, and the sprocket size it smaller, and now the chain is too big. It there a way to remove some links, or am I going to have to take it to a bike shop?



Re: Remove Chain Links

Don Pflueger /

take the master link off, measure how long you need the chain to be, then you can either grind, or press the pin out of the link where you need to shorten it. i use a chain tool to do mine. when you put it back together, its REAL important to look at the safety clip. one side of it is kinda rounded on the edges while the other side has more square edges. make sure the square edge side faces out and that the round end of the clip faces the direction of chain travel. if you dont do this, you master link will come apart on you at some time. not a good thing at high speed.

Re: Remove Chain Links

See Ya Moped Army /

I use my Dremel to grind the end of the pin off. I use a hammer and screwdriver to pop the link off.

Re: Remove Chain Links

I just did this to mine after going to a smaller sprocket.I used a dremmel tool to grind the the end flat and drove the pin out with a punch and sure to only remove one link at a time and test fit it as you may think you need to take more than nessary "It's decieving just by looking".I found a heavy duty chain breaking tool at lowes for $19.95 in their nuts and bolts section also a bunch of chains and master links of different sizes.I wish I had seen this tool sooner I would have used this first as they are much less time consuming than grinding.Good luck.

Re: Remove Chain Links

I think WallyWorld sells a very inexpensive chain breaker that is probably sufficient for occasional use on Moped chains.

Re: Remove Chain Links

i got a chain punch on ebay


take the dremel and grind off one side of the pin then clamp and punch

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