1977 Honda Express Stalls

Fred Jurgensen /

My NC50 Express will only start with the aid of starter fluid sprayed into the air filter/carb. Then it will only remain running if I keep the gas at 1/2 or better throttle. After it does warm up, it idles better, but is still unreliable. I have cleaned and re-gapped the plug and points and throughly cleaned out the carb. I am looking for suggestions or a reference to someone in the Atlanta Georgia area that can take a more knowledgeable look at it.

Re: 1977 Honda Express Stalls

That is a very hard carb to clean thoroughly unless,like me, you know to look for that ONE passage over toward the side of the carb body which a person doesn't get cleared.

I believe it IS the carb,for the symptoms are exactly what I had when I removed the carb on an Express 3 times at least.

Look for that elusive passage you are probably missing. Also turn that air screw in to seated position and back out one and a quarter turns to start the adjustment of the carb. don-ohio (:^)

Re: 1977 Honda Express Stalls

Jonas Quimby /

I have to agree with the above advice. The Express carb is one of the most tempermental I have ever worked on.

Be sure to clean Everything very well, and follow the proper method for setting the screws.

The manuals are a little unclear on the subject, and the instructions sound like the opposite of what you think you need to do, but if you follow them they do in fact work.

When adjusting, you usually need to turn the throttle stop screw outwards until the bike is just bairly still running, running at such a low idle that you're amazed it doesnt die, and making that click click click sound the spring starter makes when the engine's on the brink of stopping.

Then you can do the final adjustment on the idle mixture screw, and turn the throttle stop screw back to where it belongs.

Re: 1977 Honda Express Stalls

I know for sure they are tempermental and hard to clean. once you have cleaned the carb and it still is funkey.... clean the exhaust pipe VERY good. That caused my QT50 to stall if there was less than 1/2 throttle applied. Good Luck!

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