FZ50 bogging down

I have a suzuki FZ50 that keeps bogging down when shifting from 1st to 2nd or starting out on a slight hill. The problem is remedied by going to half choke and this also gives me better top end speed. I tried adjusting the air screw and throttle screw slightly after warming up the engine but don't seem to get any results. Anyone have an idea? This bike has the same setup as the FA50 I believe.

Re: FZ50 bogging down

Evidently when the choke blocks some air, the air:fuel mixture ratio becomes more correct and the engine has more power. This probably means fuel delivery is somehow restricted, especially likely if top speed is improved when the choke is used.

So i'd check the fuel pathway and look for blocked screens or filters. If fuel flow to the carb is steady, the carb itself likely dirty.. particularly a partially blocked main jet. Another possibility is a very low float level.

idle speed / air screws on most simple carbs have no or little effect on off-idle performance.

Re: FZ50 bogging down

Like Joe says,the carb may be dirty. There is a possibility that some of the smaller passages in the carb may be clogged,though usually this messes up idling too.

Then you may be getting an air inleakage thru carb/intake/cyl. connections, or a mainseal might be starting to leak. don-ohio (:^)

Re: FZ50 bogging down

I forgot to mention a badly worn throttle slide can cause it also. don-ohio

Re: FZ50 bogging down

Brian Miller /

Thanks guys, I'll check those things out.

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