What is the problem with my moped?

I have a motomarina sebring moped and it doesn't have any spark and i don't think any compression. I was wondering if anybody out there might know what the problem is.When i try to start it nothing happens. The tire just spins but it doesn't sound like it's trying to start at all. I was thinking it was maybe the magneto or coils or something. Or does it need a key because i saw a key hole but my friend said it was probably to lock the steering so nobody will steel it.

Re: What is the problem with my moped?

Don Pflueger /

there is no key needed, unless someone added an ignition switch. the lock you see is for the steering lock. if you look on the ignition coil, there is a wire that comes from the magneto, and then splits to go up to the handlebars. if you disconnect it where it goes up to the handlebars, and you still dont have spark, then the problem is in the pointa and/or condensor. but you must remove the spark plug to test for spark. to do this, insert the plug in the boot, then just lay it against the cylinder.

you need to have 120 lbs of compression or higher for it to run. test it with a gauge.

also, a bad tail light or brake light bulb will cause you to not have spark.

Re: What is the problem with my moped?

I think,Don, this sounds like the starter clutch isn't engaging. The rear wheel on a Sebring WILL spin,even though the engine isn't engaged thru the starter clutch.

Are you pulling the starter clutch lever on the left handle? It is supposed to be hooked up to a cable atop the tranny on the left side. You'll see an actuator arm atop the tranny. It's a little tricky to hook up correctly, since the lever will be pulled by the cable housing and the cable wire is stationary at a fixture on the casing. Don't keep this engaged after starting............you'll burn the starter clutch plate up. Only engage pull the handlebar lever to crank the engine over. Make sure you don't have it so tightly adjusted that it DOESN'T disengage completely. You only want the starter clutch to engage when the lever at the handlebars is almost completely collapsed. don-ohio (:^)

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